September 2023 Nurse of the Month – Celestina

Oct 16, 2023

As nursing recruitment specialists, the team at WESolutions deeply understands the intrinsic rewards that come with a nursing career. In appreciation of our exceptional teams, we feature a remarkable nurse every month, highlighting their career journey and contributions as a gesture of thanks.

We trust that you find as much inspiration in nursing as Celestina demonstrates in her commitment to aiding her patients and community. We’re proud to highlight our collaboration with Celestina here and contribute to her professional growth.


Celestina is a nurse working in Edinburgh, Scotland.


When did you realise that a career in nursing was right for you? Was there a particular moment in your life? 

I was brought up among missionary nuns who help the sick, serve them, and treat their disease conditions with much love, care, and compassion. Their work inspired me to pursue a nursing career, which I began after completing Year 10.

What was your journey like in securing a role through WESolutions?

The WESolutions team know exactly how to help nurses with the recruitment service and experience they provide. I’ve had a great journey thanks to the WESolutions team, who guided me on the path from working as a Care Assistant to achieving my dream job as a Nurse.

What advice would you give to young people considering a career in nursing?

Nursing is a noble profession, but it’s not for everyone. Serving people in your community, however, is a great honour.

Do you have any standout memories/funny/interesting stories from your career as a nurse? 

I will always remember what my Nursing tutors taught us during our course — when treating your patients, see each person as your own father, mother, brother, or sister — and give them your best care.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

Each nurse already has superpowers. The only difference is that we don’t wear capes. Our superpowers are serving the sick and needy, having patience, humility and knowing when to smile.

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