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September 2023 Nurse of the Month – Celestina

As nursing recruitment specialists, the team at WESolutions deeply understands the intrinsic rewards that come with a nursing career. In appreciation of

Moving to the UK as an International Nurse

Ever considered relocating to the UK to work as a Nurse? There is a heap of reasons why it’s a great move.  

The Lowdown on the OSCE

  If you’ve made the savvy decision to look for UK nursing jobs as an International Nurse, it’s important you’re across all

10 Essential Financial Tips for Nurses and Healthcare Workers

As a nurse or healthcare worker, you probably spend half your life looking after others. Your days are filled with caring for

Strategies to Help You Deal With Night Shift Work Effectively

As Nurses, we tend to take the unexpected in our stride. We pride ourselves on being pretty adaptable and thick-skinned; always ready

Everything You Need to Know About the CBT

So, you’re all pumped up for your exciting new nursing adventure here in the UK. We get that excitement – after all,

Unexpected Places You Can Work as a Nurse

Your skills as a nurse are more in demand than ever, with a 2022 Health Foundation report finding a ‘persisting’ and increasing

What is Digital Nursing in the UK?

While the term “digital nursing” might sound like it was plucked from an episode of Doctor Who, it’s actually part of an

How to Improve Your Performance as an RMN

  The role of a Registered Mental Health Nurse is a pretty loaded one. Not only do you dedicate your time to

Career Paths for Nurses

What comes to mind when you hear the word “nurse”? Is it a kind, benevolent Florence Nightingale figure or a stern matron