Why the UK is Your Next Great Work Destination

Feb 01, 2023

If you’ve always dreamed of working overseas, it might be time to take inspiration from Paddington Bear and pack your bags for the adventure of a lifetime in the UK.

From rolling green hills, endless coastlines and small-town cafes to the buzzing energy of its big cities, the UK has so much to offer.

With a world-renowned healthcare system and friendly work culture, career opportunities in the UK are plentiful and ready for the taking. You’ll find it impossible to be bored!

If you’re tempted to begin your overseas work experience in the Middle East or elsewhere, it might surprise you to find that relocating to the UK is easier than ever before.

We’ll highlight why the UK is such a great destination for healthcare professionals and the help we can offer at WESolutions to make your relocation dream come true.

Plentiful Career Opportunities

For endless career opportunities, the UK is unbeatable. To paint the picture, consider that the NHS is one of the world’s largest employers with more than 1.3 million staff.

It’s no wonder that UK employers routinely recruit people from abroad to meet their demand for qualified nursing and healthcare professionals. Candidates from overseas are especially sought after as diverse language skills have become increasingly vital for healthcare jobs.

In most NHS jobs, you can receive a generous starting salary, paid overtime, discounts for public transport, a pension and a range of opportunities to further your training.

As a qualified nursing professional, registering with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is your ticket towards all manner of nursing jobs and specialisms, including general nursing, emergency, neonatal, community and aged care, mental health and more.

Job Security

With so many job prospects to choose from, you can afford to relax knowing that UK healthcare workers get to enjoy a high level of job security throughout their careers.

Demand for nurses and locums is relentless, as new positions frequently arise to meet the needs of a growing (and ageing) population. As of mid-2022, about 17,000 nursing and midwifery posts in the NHS remained unfilled on any given day.

You don’t need to be employed on a permanent or full-time basis to have job security. With four out of five nurse vacancies filled by temporary staff, signing up with a nurse recruitment agency is a sure-fire way to land a job.

Help When You Need it

International workers get access to a wide range of services and networks for helping their overseas transition go smoothly.

If you are applying for nursing jobs in the UK, a reputable nurse recruitment agency such as WESolutions can help you sort out all the essentials before you arrive ­ including your visa, UK bank account and accommodation.

We can connect you with numerous job opportunities and give you all the important details you need for relocating to the UK. In fact, you can easily receive a job offer and have all your paperwork sorted out before you even step off the plane!


Living in the UK attractive isn’t just about the job prospects. Many people get to enjoy a standard of living that is one of the highest in the world.

Safety, quality of education, access to public services and a multicultural society are just some of the factors that make the UK a brilliant place to live. The UK has some of the world’s most ethnically diverse cities, so as a foreign worker, you can easily make connections with people from all corners of the globe.

Shopping, great food and cultural experiences are abound in the UK. There are plenty of activities you can enjoy ­ whether you’re a foodie, shopping fanatic or art lover. And if you love to travel, the UK is a perfect launching pad for short trips to Europe, with many vibrant cities just a two-hour flight away.

Work-Life Balance

Working in the UK affords you a healthy balance between your work and personal commitments.

Depending on the requirements of your role, you may be able to work part-time or on a flexible schedule, work compressed hours with more days off, or on an arrangement that allows you to spend more time with your family.

The growing movement towards more flexible work has spurred the healthcare sector to make flexible working practices an official part of workplace policy. If you work for the NHS, for example, you have the right to request flexible working from the first day of your employment.


There are plenty of reasons why professionals flock to the UK for healthcare jobs. Career opportunities are abundant and you can gain a wealth of experience that opens doors virtually anywhere else in the world.

So, what are you waiting for? As a leading international nurse recruitment agency, WESolutions can help you make the move and start the first chapter of your life in the UK. Get in touch with us for an informative chat!