The Probable Expectations of Employees When they come on Board

Apr 25, 2019
Paul Johnson

It is high time for healthcare recruiters to know that far beyond the ability to attract new talents is the need to retain the employees. Understanding what employees want most in an organization is essential for human resources personnel to carry out a successful recruitment process.

Today’s health industry is experiencing a shortage of qualified talents. Hence, different organizations compete, fight, and strive for the limited talents available for available job positions. Therefore, for organizations to be able to run their affairs successfully and record a successful recruitment process, they must be able to engage, motivate, and effectively lead employees.

Many employees don’t even request for much other than they want the managers in charge of them to be able to demonstrate a strong leadership skill. Attributes that show that they are capable of providing directions for them in the highly competitive labour market.

Most employees are willing to remain in an organization where they are motivated and driven towards career development. And the organizations that provide these attributes always experience greater success and overall team performance.

Most importantly, what the employees want is mostly dependent upon how the board of managers show up and run the organization. Success in an organization is almost directly proportional to how the employee has been engaged, their productivity and the quality of team interactions among all sectors of the organization.

The probable expectations of employees can be categorized under behaviours, skills and values. Below are some of the expectations:

  1. Support & Consideration

All employees want to be given ultimate support along their journey with the organization. They need a listening organization that will be available to guide and show concern for them as it needs to be. Most employees expect to get the required assistance and support on the job. These could be emotionally and in terms of resources to aid their jobs.

  1. Dignity & Respect

Employees want to be treated with maximum respect whether they much industry experience on they are just starting their career. Respect is an integral component of a man’s confidence, and when employees are accorded appropriate respect, they perform optimally. Since there are diverse workers in the workplace, it is essential to demonstrate respect to every one appropriately.

  1. Problem-solving & decision-making skill

Here is an important skill every talented individual look out for in an organization. The ability for leaders of the organization to make an accurate and precise decision on the go, as well as, as a skill to solve all kinds of problems as they arise. It is undeniable that change is an imminent part of an industry and employees are only interested in organizations that can successfully weather the storms when the industry is hit by changes without them losing their jobs.

  1. Honesty and Trustworthiness

Employees value honesty and trustworthiness. They perform in an environment that provide honest feedback, reviews and constructive criticisms. Trustworthy organizations often produce workers that work by the mission and vision of the organization. They value this attribute and pattern their work-life accordingly to enhance cooperation and productivity in the organization.