Recruiting Health Workers: Ways to build the most productive workforce around millennials

Jun 06, 2017
Paul Johnson

Integrating new health workers into your organization could come as a sort of challenge if you don’t know how to go about it.  More so, the largest population of the new workers graduating from colleges and nursing schools are millennials who are still full of life and are hungry to start working on the go.

Though these sets of individuals have a unique set of values, skills and strengths, understanding their characteristics and ascertaining what to expect when they are on board is vital to a successful recruitment and retention rate.

Here are some essential tips for your organization to build a more productive workforce around millennials.

  1. Engage them with the latest trends

The millennials are moved by technology and other relevant trends. Their highest expectation will be that your organization to have the latest and most significant industry trends. The millennials want to work in an environment that will support their growth and improve their productivity.

More so, the millennial workforce is open to new technologies; that is, they have a high-tech fluency and only organizations that are capable of delivering this will get the best out of them. So do you want to build a productive workforce around the new generation workforce? Chase them down with the latest trends in the industry.

  1. Adopt their language and lifestyle preferences

This modern generation workforce has high expectations of their prospective employers. Considering the high educational debt they have incurred during their studies among several aspirations, they are more concerned about earning a good life with a balanced lifestyle.

Therefore, when a millennial decides to join your organization, you should relate with them in ways they can connect with and adopt their lifestyle preferences and win them over, ultimately, for long-term retention on the job. This new generation workforce is all out to avoid the errors that plague their parents’ careers. Hence organizations like yours should adopt millennial preferences for high-end productivity.

  1. Give them responsibilities

Do you know the new generation workforce doesn’t just want to be employees? They want you to entrust them with responsibilities that can improve and develop them on all sides. They eager to use their untapped energies to contribute, collaborate and lead a team.

The more the opportunities you can offer the millennial workforce, the higher their productivity and retention on the job. Trust them with leadership roles and other remarkable exercises they will make their work experience in your organization recountable.

  1. Involve them in every stage

Get the new generation workforce involved in everything necessary about the organization. They are used to high-level support and robust feedback system from their family and colleges, and they also expect it from their employers. Please pay attention to their peculiarities and give them the necessary care they need for maximum productivity on the job.

When your organization supports them and gives them the essential feedback they require, they will quickly adapt to the job requirements and progress on the job for higher proficiency and efficiency. To have a more productive organization in 2020, you have to build your team around the millennials.