Online Recruitment Software and Ways it can help your Organisation

Jan 13, 2017
Paul Johnson

The recruitment process can decide the direction of your health organisation to success. As a well-established organisation with every potential to excel in the health sector, you need a great team of workers to make you the most renowned health-care provider in the UK or other EU countries.

However, to achieve this feat- you need to hire qualified workers from nurses, midwives to care assistants. And your recruitment process can be challenging, except you are ready to streamline the process by reducing cost and maintaining the quality of candidates through modern recruitment software.

The effectiveness of your HR department can be significantly increased with modern recruitment software. Moreover, recruitment software is not necessarily expensive; neither is it complicated to use. They are mostly inexpensive and user-friendly tools for both small and big enterprises across all fields.

Ways a modern recruitment software will help you reduce the time and money wasted in your organization.

  1. Elimination of Advertising Costs

The use of recruitment software will help you reduce costs spent on paid job advertising. The best set of recruitment software will ensure you correctly leverage on modern technologies. This software enables you to place your job ads to the right audience via the appropriate channels. Many of the relevant channels include government websites, career websites such as Indeed, Naukri, social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, job boards, and lots more.

Using a recruitment software is a robust and reliable system for seamless interaction. You can conveniently post across all channels through a single ad. Hence, you get to save both time and money with the tool.

  1. Avoidance of Compliance Costs

When your organization integrates modern software in your recruitment process, it helps you directly save money from penalties. Most hiring software ensures that proper compliance standards are met, and it eliminates the chances of lawsuit and non-compliance fees.

When using recruitment software, your business also stays in tune with all compliance regulations from local governing bodies and regulatory agencies. This is very pivotal because you save your organization from avoidable costs.

  1. Shortens Turnover Costs

Hiring the right candidates for your job openings is a significant advantage that cannot be overemphasized. When you onboard the most qualified applicants, they eventually turn out to become tenured employees. Moreover, with a recruitment tool such as an applicant tracking system (ATS), you can track and monitor the progress of your candidates and hire only the most qualified. After hiring and onboarding efficiently, you reduce turnover costs.

  1. Reduces Human Error

Managing a recruitment process on a spreadsheet by a human being requires high-quality concentration and maintenance. And since we are not all devoid of errors, HR officials get to commit one or two mistakes during recruitment. More so, considering the constant updates and consistent data requirements from varying sources, there are rooms for avoidable mistakes to be made. However, recruitment software will provide comprehensive and accurate reporting that will save your organization both time and money.

  1. Eliminates Fraud

It is not a new thing for organizations to lose some percentage of their revenue to employee-related abuse and fraud. These could be in terms of wage, hour falsification, and other related fraudulent acts. However, with HR recruitment software that automates employee activities, you can reduce the chances of fraudulent activities.