How to use social media recruitment tools to hire the best health workers

May 29, 2019
Paul Johnson

Social media is an effective instrument in the hands of recruiters. It is a remarkable recruitment tool that is extensively employed to find the right candidates for particular job roles. Beyond the scope of being platforms for mere interactions, social media reserves the position as the channels where best talents are discovered.

Social media recruitment strategy isn’t only useful for technology-inclined fields but for all and sundry. Considering the fact that social media foster interaction between individuals, this is a fantastic chance for recruiters to connect with the best talents. Today, your health organization can employ a social media recruiting strategy to conduct a successful hiring process.

Best practices to align your social media recruitment

As a health organization that requires qualified candidates to join their team, here are some essential tips for your social media hiring strategy:

  1. Explore the various social channels

The number of social media platforms has increased over the years. And this has made interaction seamless among individuals. Wherefore, as an organization, you can leverage these diverse social channels and connect with the best talents. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are popular channels to integrate into your recruitment strategy. Moreover, you can use the platforms to network and find outstanding candidates easily.

  1. Get an attractive brand page

After choosing the best channels for your organization, you should go ahead to prepare a completely attractive page for your company on the platforms. For instance, your health organization can set up a LinkedIn profile that can help you maintain relationships and accrue more opportunities. With distinctive social media profiles, your candidates can easily locate you and learn all they need to know about your health agencies or organization.

  1. Promote your value and culture

Recruitment through social media is not rocket science. You have to approach it with a plan and strategy. You must promote the values of the organization on your social media platforms. These you can do by sharing regular content that reflects the values, vision, and mission of your company. This is very effective because candidates will always want to associate themselves with organizations that have a sense of purpose and direction.

  1. Sift your connections for the worst and best candidates

With social media platforms such as LinkedIn, you can examine candidates to find out the worst and best ones. This is possible by using a recruitment software system that helps to sort candidates according to their profile performance. Interestingly, candidates can be distinguished based on years of experience, location, age, and other vital factors.

  1. Involve your “power user” employees

The “power users” of social media are very active social media users. And amazingly, every organization has one or two individuals among the power users. Therefore, you can leverage the knowledge of your “power user” employees to help generate more awareness about the job openings in your organization. These employees can also help share their work experience in your organization, and these will further get the attention of potential candidates in your company. Recruitment is more accessible and useful with social media, especially when you engage the right tools.