How to Find the Best Anaesthetic Nursing Job for You

Nov 29, 2022

What comes to mind when you hear the word “nurse”?

Is it a kind, benevolent Florence Nightingale figure or a stern matron a la Nurse Ratched?

When searching for a new role as an Anaesthetic Nurse, you want to set yourself up for success. Ideally, you want to find a position where you work with a talented team, can contribute meaningfully and reap some excellent rewards. But how do you land this dream role? Does it even exist?

To find the best anaesthetic nursing jobs you must first consider your long-term career goals, where your experience and skills can be best used and what you’d like from your next career step. By targeting the job search process you’ll be able to narrow the field and pursue the types of roles that are right for you.

So, how do you go about finding the best anaesthetic nursing job? Let’s dive in.

What’s Important to You?

One of the first steps to discovering your dream role in anaesthetic nursing is figuring out your priorities. The best nursing jobs for you are those that fit around your life while also matching your ambitions. Work/life balance is important and providing sedation and anaesthesia for patients undergoing radiology or radiotherapy might provide you with that stability. Hours, flexibility, overtime and being on call are all factors you should consider as you search for the right role.

For some job seekers salary will be the most important consideration in their application process. Working in a facility with a great culture and quality support will be a deciding factor for others; even things like the commute can come into play.

Before getting too far down the recruitment road, weigh up your priorities and set your list of non-negotiables. This will keep you realistic about your wants and needs as you look for your dream role.

Determine the Working Environment

Different employers offer different things and when you know where you’d like to apply for work, it’s time to read up about whether they can offer the environment you’re looking for. Is it important to you that you stay well-rounded in your practice and continue to use your skills? Does the facility allow Anaesthetic Nurses to actively participate in making decisions regarding anaesthesia plans for patients?

Some facilities or departments will inevitably have different focuses, so Anaesthetic Nurses might perform some procedures but may not get the opportunity to undertake other procedures that aren’t within their facility’s protocols or specialisation. Depending on the job you take, some competencies may fall by the wayside – so it’s key to understand what skills are important to you!

It’s super important to be clear about the role you will be taking on and the level of autonomy that comes with it. UK Anaesthetic Nurses work alongside Anaesthetists in delivering anaesthesia. This differs from the US, where Nurse Anaesthetists often have a higher level of autonomy working without the supervision of an Anaesthetist. There’s no right or wrong– you just need to make sure that you’re aware of how your role will operate and ensure it’s a working environment with which you’ll be happy.

Prepare Your Documents

When you begin looking for your dream Anaesthetic Nurse role you need to organise your documents. Your potential employer will want to ensure they’ve ticked all the compliance boxes before you start seeing patients, so it’s handy to have all these materials ready at a moment’s notice.

You’ll have years of work experience and schooling and your CV should reflect this precisely. Ensure you check with any potential verbal referees that they’re ready to vouch for you, too – it’ll give them time to prepare so they can sing your praises!

Experience is important, but evidence that you’re permitted to practice in the UK is important too. You’ll need to prepare any relevant registrations (NMC, HCPC etc.) to present to your future employer when requested. Don’t forget to ensure you have an up-to-date criminal records check, too.

Get Some Help

Finding the right role on your own is an effective way to go but having a helping hand from a Specialist Recruiter who already has connections with employers is a better option. Nurses working in anaesthesia may consider progressing a career by pursuing management, teaching or research roles within the field of anaesthesia and specialist Recruiters will know how to your desire to achieve to an employer.

Many job seekers looking to progress their anaesthetic nursing careers find the help of a professional nurse recruitment agency invaluable. A recruitment agency can use its skills to assist you in finding the best role that fits your criteria and guide you through the next step of your Nursing career.


Finding the best job as an Anaesthetic Nurse starts with knowing your job priorities and the type of working environment in which you are excited. Once you know those things you can get your documents in order and start applying – ideally with the help of specialist nurse recruitment consultants. If you’re looking for a new challenge as an Anaesthetic Nurse, we’d love to hear from you and help you discover the best job for you.

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