Healthcare Recruitment: Key Elements to Employee Onboarding

Jul 12, 2020
Paul Johnson

Onboarding employees into your healthcare organization could be stressful if not done right. Hence, your organization needs to know the secrets to perform an effective employee onboarding program.

An onboarding program represents the welcoming and assimilating of employees into your organization the same way businesses welcome new customers on board. Moreover, the onboarding program for your new employees should be world-class and you ought to welcome them with the expectation that they usher in super-stat performance and unique employee loyalty to the organization.

Included in the employee onboarding program is what is referred to as new employee orientation (NEO). That is, it is the process of introducing the new employees to the cultural, social and performance norms and expectations of the organization.

The whole activity is structured to welcome new employees, although there are varying degrees of effectiveness, length, and strategy for the onboarding program. The new employee orientation begins once the employee accepts the job offer and comes to completion immediately the employee is handed over to the supervisor.

The new employee orientation always includes:

  • Learning about organization policies and procedures
  • Completing all the necessary paperwork
  • Discussion and presentation of benefits
  • Getting to know the core values of the organization
  • Introduction to the department heads and other staffs
  • Touring the offices and other parts of the organization facility

For organizations to set up a winning employee onboarding process, here are the standards that must be developed and executed:

  1. Set clear expectations

Right from the onboarding program, your organization must completely spell out your expectations to the new employees. This is the avenue to have all the important discussions including all aspects of the organization and how the employees uniquely fit in. The expectations must clear, succinct and easy-to-understand. More so, you are also expected to entertain questions from the employees to clear every iota of doubts in their minds.

  1. Connects emotionally to mission

New employees always pay attention to the tiniest of details during the onboarding program. Therefore, it is very expedient that as your organization give them a breakdown of their job roles, and the goals of the organization, you should be mindful of your words. You must be real and passionate about the mission and vision of the organization.

  1. Ignite employee engagement and commitment

The onboarding program is also a great opportunity to relate with employees accordingly and build in them the culture and norms of the organization. Ensure you emphasize the place of maintaining cordial relationships among the colleagues in the organization and as well as commitment. The tone of the working environment of an organization is determined by the level of the relationships maintained by the employees. And deprive your organization of an ounce of toxicity, you have to emphasize the place of the quality relationship among employees.

  1. Fosters loyalty in the employees

Your organization will only grow at the rate with which your employees want it to grow. And this is because the commitment of your employees to the organization’s goals, mission and vision are what set the tone for your growth. It is their commitment that will boost financial performance and other forms of development in the organization. Hence, it is very imperative to build loyalty in them right from the orientation stage.