What are the Benefits of Hiring Through a Nursing Agency?

May 06, 2021

What are the Benefits of Hiring Through a Nursing Agency?

The ongoing nursing shortage means that all healthcare organisations are struggling to find the staff they need, so many are deciding to partner with a nursing recruitment agency to help bridge the gap. Working with an agency offers a number of benefits that will ultimately save you time, money and most importantly, give you peace of mind so you can focus on other areas of your role.

So, what are the benefits of hiring through a nursing recruitment? There are a few…

#1: Faster and More Efficient 

Who doesn’t spend part of their working day wishing they could wave a wand and summon the best nurse for the job? They may not have attended Hogwarts, but nursing agencies can add a bit of magic to help speed up each stage of the recruitment process. The trick? A good nursing agency will have a database filled with ready-to-go nurses they can tap on the shoulder at a moment’s notice for either permanent or locum positions. 

Nursing recruitment agencies can also help take away some of the more tedious administrative roles, like compiling candidate lists and booking in interviews. That means you can focus your time and effort on the interview process and finding the best candidate(s) to match your team’s needs. 

It’s a no brainer.   

#2: Cost Savings 

There’s always value in saving a few pennies and the cheapest way of managing staffing levels is keeping hold of the people in your current team. So it’s important to make sure that any hiring process matches the right candidate to the job for the long term. An ongoing partnership with an experienced nursing agency means they know exactly who is going to be the right fit for you and can advise on the best ways to retain your nursing staff.  

There are also plenty of opportunities to save money with short term placements, including outsourcing your payroll expenses. And don’t forget the benefit of trialling nursing candidates before offering them permanent positions. Bringing on locum nurses can also give you more flexibility and allow you to adapt to changes at your workplace, all while reducing overtime expenses and stress for your team. 

#3: Extensive Networks 

Whether you’re looking to hire domestically, or have the means to hire international nurses, a good nursing agency should have a network of quality candidates across the UK, and internationally to meet your hiring needs. 

So, when you need a nurse on short noticeyour nursing agency can easily put the word out to their network and find the best match for you in a flash 

We work hard to continuously grow and nurture our network of qualified, reliable nurses through online platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, and encourage referrals from nurses we’ve successfully placed. 

#4: Less Stress 

We understand that you and your team are feeling the pressure now more than ever. By working with a nursing recruitment agency, you’re in control and can decide which part of your role needs your full attention and which part can be outsourced. The mental load of staffing shortages can take its toll, so why not find a trusted partner who can take the entire process off your hands? 

The beauty of building a long-term relationship with healthcare staffing agency like WESolutions is we get to know your team and your business and can often pre-empt your needs. We can do much of the heaving lifting, leaving you to relax safe in the knowledge that we will find you a great nurse for your team. 

Get Specialist Nursing Recruitment Support in the UK 

Healthcare managers are juggling an ever-growing list of demands and tasks. So why spend so much of your valuable time chasing nurses over the phone, conducting reference checks or booking in interviews? Partner with a nursing agency to take care of all that and more for you. 

We have the resources and network to fill your nursing vacancies quickly, and all our nurse are qualified and trained so they’re ready to hit the ground running! Contact our team of experienced nursing recruiters today to find you the best nurses on the job market.