Understanding the Visa Buyout Process for Nurses

Apr 13, 2022

Relocating to the UK as a nurse opens up a world of possibilities. You gain experience working in a different country, immersing yourself in the local culture and meeting people from a range of backgrounds. But what happens when you want to change roles while still contracted to your current employer?

We’ve put together this guide to help answer all of your questions about the process of buying out your visa and furthering your nursing career in the UK.

What is a Visa Buyout?

When you accepted your current nursing role, your employer would have made an upfront investment to cover your visa and other relocation costs such as flights, NMC registration and language tests.

In all likelihood, these costs will need to be reimbursed by either you or your new employer if you choose to leave your job within the contracted period. But don’t worry, our team at WESolutions can help you every step of the way – whether it is negotiating between your current employer and future employer or setting you up with a bridging loan if you need to cover the costs yourself. There are options available to you that will mean you’re not out of pocket.

How Does the Visa Buyout Process Work?

If you do move jobs within your contract term and owe your current employer, there are two ways that they can claim the costs back from you:

  • A lump sum that is paid out at the time you finish with your current employer
  • A direct debit that is set up with your future employer where monthly deductions are made until the full amount is paid off

Your HR department should be able to provide you with information about their preferred method. Once you have accepted your new role and given notice to your current employer, have a chat with HR to find out what are the best next steps.

Do I Have to Pay for the Visa Buyout Myself?

Due to current staffing shortages, some employers are now happy to cover the visa buyout when they appoint a new candidate. Have a chat with your WESolutions recruiter to see if this option is offered as part of your new role. If not, we have other options available to make sure you’re not left to pay off a lump sum by yourself, for example bridging loans.

How Much is My Visa Buyout?

It will depend on your role, your employer and how much they invested in your appointment and relocation. It can cost in the region of £5,000.

Where Do I Get More Information About My Visa Buyout?

You should check your contract carefully to find out what the employment term is (usually two to three years) and if there is something in there about a buyout clause. You can also speak to your HR department to see what your employer’s policy is. WESolutions can help you navigate this process and speak to HR on your behalf.

How Can WESolutions Help?

Our team can support you through the process in a number of ways, including:

  • Helping you find your next nursing role based on any number of criteria including pay, location, or specialty
  • Reviewing your existing employment contract to see if there is a buyout clause (also known as a clawback clause)
  • Liaising with your HR Department to ensure a seamless transition from one job to the next

Get Ready for Your Next Role

We understand that changing jobs is a natural step in any nursing career, whether it’s to broaden your experience or move closer to friends and family.

Here at WESolutions, we are not only connected with some of the biggest healthcare employers in the UK. We are also experts at navigating the visa and sponsorship processes and can help you leave your current nursing job and move to an exciting new opportunity with ease.

Get in touch today to speak to one of our specialist recruiters in international nursing.