Recruiting trends in 2020 for health organisations in the UK and other EU Countries

Mar 08, 2020
Paul Johnson

The health space is vast and highly specialized with a uniquely competitive labour market. And health organizations like yours are searching for advanced recruiting solutions to find high-quality candidates who deliver exceptional care for patients.

Some trends will affect health organizations in 2020 and beyond. These trends will influence the future of healthcare talent acquisition. Moreover, best healthcare candidates seem to have many options in choosing employers through the reviews of their past and current employees on your organization’s website and other relevant career websites such as Glassdoor.

Another essential thing to know is that most of these candidates search for reviews on your brand before applying for a position in your organization. Hence, this makes it essential for you to develop an impactful employer brand because your brand now serves as a crucial recruiting resource.

Better Interaction with Technology

The recruitment trends in 2020 for health organizations are unique in that they revolve around technology. The technology space has become more sophisticated, with more intense engagement from different fields and industries. Interestingly, technology has been listed as the most critical strategy in finding and hiring qualified candidates in the health sector. More so, artificial intelligence (AI) is said to have the potential of enhancing talent acquisitions and retention across all fields of endeavour.

With AI, screening processes are better enhanced, reducing unconscious bias during the hiring process. Since the candidates are anonymous to AI, age, gender and race won’t be the basis on qualification but skills. AI is also believed to save recruiters more time and better manage interview scheduling. Here are the essential roles technology will perform in 2020 and beyond:

Crafting Better Job Posts

The issue with finding the right candidates for a job position in the health sector often start with the job post and description of the position. Most times, the job posts are the first point of contact the candidates are having with your organization. And if the job post was poorly drafted, your organization won’t be taken seriously.

However, with the availability of AI technology that utilizes algorithms for assessing and analyzing patterns in language, organizations can find out the useful keywords for making their job posts reach the targeted candidates. The more the AI technology analyzes the job posts, the better the flow and accuracy in language.

Better Candidate Screening

The traditional way of screening potential candidates from resume review to phone call is gradually becoming a thing of the past with technology. Recruitment in 2020 doesn’t need to be based on the recruiters and hiring managers’ judgments anymore.

Since resumes are not the complete representation of a candidate potential and ability, AI can help health organizations cull up more data about the candidates for proper assessment and judgments.

Full Automation of Recruitment Process

Healthcare recruitment can also go completely automated. For instance, with ATS resumes are automatically imported with proper sorting of candidates. This particular software allows your organization has saved more time on recruitment and channel it into other highly productive activities.

Also, with Chatbots, you can schedule interviews with candidates and this enhanced more personation and freedom in expression and communication.