Notable Temptations Your Employees Need To Resist For a Better Work-Life Balance

Oct 28, 2020
Paul Johnson

No employees will be willing to allow their organizations to completely shut down other aspects of their lives. That is why maintaining a work-life balance is an integral part of building a team of employees who work together and drive the organization towards its goals.

It, however, lies within an organization’s power to help its employees see reasons why a work-life balance is essential for the overall productivity of the organization and their career growths. Doing this won’t only help employees complete their tasks on time but also allow them to have much time to attend to other pressing matters such as family and other relevant personal needs.

When employees have a work-life balance experience in an organization, they tend to have a better retention rate coupled with more productivity. Below are some temptations your employees have to resist for a great work-life balance:

  1. Checking work emails the moment you wake up

Work is work, and it never ends. There is always a temptation to check your emails for messages immediately you wake up from bed even when you are yet to prepare your mind and body for the day.  Every one of us needs at least some time immediately after sleep to properly orient ourselves for the day’s work at the office.

And when you start your day from checking emails, you begin the day on the wrong note. The challenge of the day is that you start the day dialed into everyone else’s schedule without any proper plan to get clear on yours. Therefore, setting the boundary for emails and fixing a more convenient time for checking the emails help you to set the right tone for how you want the day to go.

This simple act makes your employees stay in charge of their day with thoughtful responses rather than reactions.

  1. Having extended conversations about work with friends and family

As much as it is beautiful to tell your friends and significant others about your work. It is not advisable to reduce all your conversations with them to work-related discourse. When it comes to having a work-life balance experience, you have to be ready to be yourself when you are with your loved ones.

Conversations with friends and family shouldn’t be another industry seminar at work. Even when work issues spring up in your communication, always make it brief and straight to the point. Work is important, but life is more than work.

  1. Keep late nights at the office

Achieving a great work-life balance means not neglecting any other part of your life becomes o work. Employees have to beware of staying too late at the office to achieve a better work-life balance. Work doesn’t end, but a worker’s life does. So healthcare organizations need to let their employees know the importance of embracing other parts of their life.

Though keeping late nights at the office might brand you as a dedicated worker, it also sets you up for a life deprived of balance. If you can always make it home on time every day, prepare to earmark some days in the week where you have to be at home on time.