Neonatal Nursing

Jun 01, 2018

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Neonatal nursing Required in Manchester  

We are looking for neonatal nurses in Manchester which is most famous for two very good football team and all their musical events that they hold are at Manchester arena and their festivals that they hold at Parklife. There are beautiful attractions around Manchester which may like to look at when you are free or on your way to work. We are looking for a neonatal nurse whose subspecialty is nursing care for new-borns till they are discharged.

Being a neonatal require strong dedication, high degree of skill and to also have the emotional strength to take care of the new-born infants who may have a range of problems for example a premature baby may have multiple health problems such as premature lungs that cause respiratory problems which may be ‘Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD)’ which is a chronic lung disease that is most known in premature babies who have been treated for RDS.

Being a neonatal nurse has the role of answering their questions as honestly when the parents are very stressed or nervous and to support and offer advice to the parents of the baby. But you must have skills such as active listening, care, critical thinking, judgement and decision making, operations monitoring, etc, you must also have an empathic understanding for parents and family members.

We are looking for a neonatal nurse who has had at least 6 months NHS experience, current NMC number, the right to work in the UK and CV.

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