Job opportunities available for Nurses, Midwives and Care Assistants in NHS

Mar 12, 2018
Paul Johnson

The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK is renowned as the leading healthcare system in the world. To be eligible for a job, you’ll need to be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) first. The NMC is the governing body of the Nursing profession in the UK, which ensures health professionals carry out their duties effectively following the stipulated codes of conduct.

The NMC is not responsible for giving out jobs. By fulfilling all its registration requirements, you will be at an advantage for gainful employment.

There are numerous jobs within the NHS for Nurses, Midwives, and Care Assistants. According to the NHS, England, there are more than 350 roles in health, and many of them are part of a larger team that works alongside other health professionals for the benefit of patients and the public.

Like the NHS, there are many large and small organizations providing healthcare and work to curb illness in the UK. They include private and public sector organizations, community interest companies, social enterprises and charities, prisons, military bases, and you could work for the NHS or any of these other organizations in a health role.

Some job roles will place you in direct contact with patients, while in others, you are an intrinsic part of an extensive support system concerned with delivering healthcare and preventing ill health in a spirit of good teamwork. There are job opportunities in hospitals and social care services, especially as there is an increase in people with a range of needs.

To apply for any job in the NHS or in an organization that provides NHS services, you’ll need to show how well you can replicate and uphold the values of the NHS Constitution in your day to day activity.

The NHS Constitution values are listed as follows:

  • Working together for patients
  • Respect and dignity
  • Commitment to quality of care
  • Compassion
  • Improving lives
  • Everyone counts

Job opportunities are available for Midwives in the following capacities:

  • Antenatal screening
  • Ultrasound and fetal medicine.
  • Homebirth/delivery
  • Newborn hearing screening
  • Maternity support worker
  • Breastfeeding counsel
  • Intensive care Neo-natal units
  • Labor ward supervision

Nursing is the only one with four fields of practice: Adult Nursing, Children Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, and Learning disabilities nursing. This provides nurses with numerous job opportunities ranging from pediatric ward to the emergency ward and more within the healthcare sphere.

For care assistants, other than working in a hospital, you can also work with elder care facilities and in residential homes.

It is a strong recommendation that if you want to work in the healthcare sector, you should have related work experience in a clinical environment. Much more than improving your knowledge of the industry, this will allow you to establish essential relations while broadening your horizon.

You can visit check out listed job opportunities.

A job with the NHS does not only comes with prestige, but it also provides you with high-quality care that is freely accessible to everyone in the UK. The NHS will help you combine your work with commitments in your everyday life and at different stages of your career – whether you’re studying for a new qualification, raising a family or have other responsibilities.