Healthcare Recruitment: Understanding High-Potential Employees

Mar 13, 2017
Paul Johnson

There are different categories of employees in any organization. From the prominent ones who serve as the life-line of the organizations to the employees who show little to no interest in their job role.

But the joy of any recruiter is to hire folks who will contribute high values to the organization. And work hand-in-hand to drive the mission and vision of the organization to a more magnificent pedestal. Though it might be quite challenging to select candidates who will turn into assets for the organization, there are still some distinctive qualities and outstanding abilities that will distinguish them from their peers.

Hence, right from their recruitment processes, you will be able to distinguish candidates who have the tendencies of becoming assets to the organization. This set of individuals is known as high-potential employees. They possess the right qualities not only for their personal growth and development but also to have the commitment and skills to drive the organization towards success.

High-potential employees open up a void in the organization when they retire or leave the organization for other reasons. They are always the key players with the right attitude and positive energy to grow the organization.

Here are the attributes to look at in your candidates in your bid to spot the high-potential employees right from the recruiting processes:

  1. The quality of questions they ask

High-potential employees are distinctive with the quality of questions they ask. This set of individuals don’t only ask questions; they ask relevant and thought-provoking questions. These organization assets don’t mind to appear nosey or too curious, they ask lots of questions on which they can base their actions for enhanced productivity.

More so, because of the way they prioritize the company’s growth and development, they tend to be more open-minded to receiving answers to confusing puzzles to the company’s policies and other related matters.

  1. How well they emphasis positive work culture and environment

Sadly, many candidates keep mum about the type of environment that supports their creativity. But that can never be high-potential employees. These types of employees emphasize an enabling working environment as well as a positive environment right from their recruitment process.

They place utmost priority on the environment they work and what will enable them to discharge their duties to the best of their abilities. More so, they understand the nitty-gritty of the working environment, and they do all in their power to maintain peace and sanity wherever they work.

  1. The way they embrace initiatives

High-potential employees take initiatives. They more than open to changes, ideas, and new concepts so far it is for the betterment of the organization and their career growth. Even when there are no new tasks assigned to them, they are known to continually brainstorm new ideas to get active and generate results intended towards the achievement of the organization’s goals.

Because of their ability to manage stress properly, high-potential employees are eager to assume more responsibilities. They are known for completing whatever projects they start since they are building more capacities and improving their skills by doing so.

High-potential employees are humans. However, they are a different breed with positivity and exceptional commitment to their work.