Healthcare Recruitment: Key Features of High-Potential Employees

Feb 16, 2019
Paul Johnson

High-potential employees have been established as the organization’s assets that possess supreme talents to drive the company’s mission and vision. They are vital players with high-quality skills and commitment to add considerable value to their organization.

Identifying high-potential employees could be tricky, but recruiters must be able to separate them from other candidates during healthcare recruitment. However, if recruiters find it difficult to identify them during recruitment, managers have to distinguish them after they joined the organization.

Here are the key features recruiters have to pay attention to during healthcare recruitment to distinguish human assets from liabilities:

  1. They help co-workers

These individuals are self-driven with a drive to achieve both their personal and organizational goals. However, they never neglect other co-workers nor overlook them in any regard. High-potential employees are known to assist other teammates because they know they have a common goal.

They are great team players with a sense of belonging and responsibility. They place a high priority on teamwork and collaboration. Despite their flair for excellence, they still have room to accommodate other colleagues who are facing one or more challenges in discharging their responsibilities.

  1. They listen to feedback

Feedback is essential for both individual and collective growth of employees in an organization. And high-potential employees are distinct for their response to feedback. Since they are committed to improvement and growth, they place the utmost importance on feedback- both positive and negative.

Their open-mindedness makes them welcome praises and constructive criticism. And these individuals make sure they take necessary actions per the feedback.

  1. They fully embrace the company’s values

The employees who become the company’s assets fully embrace the company’s values. And act following all the terms and conditions highlighted by the company. High-potential employees not only have exceptional skills but work in line with the company’s vision and mission to bring more productivity and meaning to their work.

  1. They deliver solid results

Another unique quality of these individuals is that they provide reliable results. High-potential employees can deliver results on every task they are given promptly and consistently. They have so much consistent in the way they work that they make it a point of duty to produce results within the deadline set for each project.

It has been established that high-potential employees outperform their peers on every task- both challenging and straightforward ones. These employees make it a point of duty to understand the fundamentals of each project to deliver top quality results on the tasks. Their level of performance is always superior, and the organization can entrust much more into their hands.

  1. They adapt and excel under high-pressure conditions

Organizations that have a higher number of high-potential employees than ordinary employees don’t worry themselves about tough situations. And this is because high-potential employees don’t break under pressure. Their adaptability is so keen on both less harsh conditions and tough ones.

Most importantly, when high-potential employees get pressured, this is when they exude more calmness and stay on top of the situation. They are fast thinkers who can proffer solutions to problems as the need arises.