Healthcare Organisation: Essential ways your employees can be more productive in an overscheduled day

Aug 10, 2020
Paul Johnson

The narrative is the same across every industry- we all have 24 hours in a day. And in these short 24 hours, we all try to pack in loads of activities that often leave us more busy than productive. As a healthcare organisation that deals directly with lives, it’s very important that your workers understand the place of priority and how to be productive with the short 24 hours they have every day.

Here are some important ways to be more productive with the allotted time we have every day.

1.Stop Believing in Busyness

Being busy or occupied with lots of matters to handle is never the same as being productive. Your employees don’t need to fill each moment of the day with activities to feel productive both at work and off work. Most especially, during the working hours, your workers need to embrace ample breaks in-between tasks to enhance productivity.

More so, high-end productivity comes when workers pay utmost attention to other essential issues that the working environment depends on. And these include ample breaks for recovery after burnouts, socialization and free expression among colleagues.

  1. Work from a long-term perspective

Getting overly busy with lots of stuff to do mostly come as a resultof our inability to prioritize or think in the long-term. Therefore, for employees to be very productive on the job, they have to think and work with a long-term mindset. Most times when they are faced with an endless to-do list of compelling tasks, the only magic they need to tackle the tasks might be for them to think in the long-term.

When workers have a clear direction of what they are to achieve in the long-term, productivity is bound to cross their path. A constant reminder of an employee of their job roles and the company’s expectations from them will not only make them think in the long-term but also productive on the job.

  1. Have a time-frame for your goals

Employees often have several goals they pursue with time including their personal career goals and the goals of the organization. However, it’s quite pitiful that when we pursue too many goals at once, we tend to lose sight of ourselves and forgo productivity. And this is because our energy stopped being concerted and our attention gets divided.

Though it’s still possible to have more than a goal at a time, it’s only essential that you chase the goals at varying time-frames with separate deadlines for impressive productivity.

  1. Prioritize your activities before you set out each day

Your employees will become less stressed and more productive when they begin to prioritize their work. After they have highlighted their goals, it’s expedient that they rank the goals on a priority scale. Wherefore, the goals with the highest rank should be acted upon immediately.  

When employees implement these actions one after the other, they are advancing their course on the path of productivity. More importantly, workers in the healthcare industry need to know that action is the best way to create momentum.