Health Recruiting: Noticeable changes in 2020

Jan 05, 2020
Paul Johnson

The recruitment economy is now candidate-centric, and candidates determine trends in the industry. Below are some of the changes health organizations need to align within 2020.

Qualified Candidates have shorter availability on the market

This is a typical challenge for recruiters in that candidates now have a shorter duration on the market before they are hired. Research has it that best candidates only stay ten days on the market before they are gainfully employed.

Therefore, for your organization to employ one of these best candidates- you have to be able to connect with them and engage them before the job opening. The essential thing to do during this period is to build a meaningful relationship with them to enhance the application process and provide them with the best candidate experience.

Though this noticeable change has been around for a while, it’s becoming more prominent in 2020. Therefore, your HR officers should shorten the length of the recruitment process and build a formidable relationship with your best talents.

More passive job seekers than active

The shift in the industry has introduced to types of individuals into the market. And these set of people include active job seekers and passive job seekers. The passive job seekers are individuals who are not actively searching for a new job role, although they are open to taking better offers. While on the other hand, the active job seekers are fully ready to take up a new job role as soon as it is available.

More so, many of these passive job seekers don’t see a better offer as an avenue for a better salary. Some of them only want the opportunity for more learning and growth in their career, more working time flexibility, innovative and conducive working environment.

It is undeniable that in today’s world of recruitment, best talents don’t just jump from one offer to another. They take their time out to consider significant factors such as how the job role will improve their lives and make them grow in their careers.

Understanding the relevant touchpoints to interact with the candidates

Touchpoints are the means and kind of interaction between potential candidates and your organization. And there is an average of ten touchpoints where organizations can interact with candidates before they apply for job positions.

The major touchpoints your organization can have with your candidates include direct interactions in the form of emails, phone screening, and interviews. In contrast, some of the indirect interactions include job posts on career websites, your company website, social media platforms, and online application forms.

Moreover, organizations can get to hire the best candidates on the market through proper engagement and utilization of the appropriate touchpoints.

As much as there are drastic changes in the healthcare sector today, the ability of organizations to follow and implement safe and ethical practices within their employees and potential candidates is a great skill.

Changes are non-negotiable in every industry, but organizations position themselves to tackle the changes matter is all that matter. And the HR department of every organization needs to be flexible enough to adjust to all forms of changes in the industry.