Empowering Your Team: The Impact of International Nurses on Your Healthcare Organisation

Nov 01, 2023

We all know great nurses don’t grow on trees. Finding and keeping talented nurses on your team is a job all on its own – we would know! 

And the statistics bear this out: the nursing vacancy rate in the UK reached a record high of 11.8% in 2023. Healthcare institutions are facing a growing challenge in sourcing and retaining top local nursing talent. But what’s the solution to this dilemma?  

This is where international nurses enter the picture! Read on for the key benefits of building an international nursing workforce for your healthcare organisation. 

1. Bridge the Healthcare Workforce Gap 

It’s no secret that nurses from around the world are already making a positive impact on the UK’s busy healthcare services. With nursing vacancies persisting throughout the UK healthcare system, hiring international nurses is a savvy – and arguably essential – way to plug the gaps in your teams.  

When hired through a reputable healthcare recruitment agency, international nurses are pre-qualified and with proven experience, ready to hit the ground running to give you that much-needed support. This, in turn, can help prevent team burnout and help maintain high standards of care and patient safety. 

If you’re looking for more reasons to recruit international nurses to your workforce, check out this data from the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) highlighting the increasing popularity of international nurses in the UK: 

“Five years ago, there were just 3,522 international joiners to our register. Now, with international recruitment continuing at such a significant rate, professionals educated around the world account for one in five nurses, midwives and nursing associates who can practice in this country. Of those, more than four in five were educated outside Europe.” 

2. Focus on Diversity 

Studies highlight the remarkable value that international nurses bring to their organisations, colleagues, and patients – especially when they’re provided with the necessary transitional support. One of the most striking contributions they make is the enhancement of diversity within the healthcare landscape. 

The UK boasts a patient population that is culturally and ethnically diverse – meaning the presence of nurses representing a variety of cultural backgrounds can go a long way in improving patient satisfaction and communication.  

The benefits of providing language-concordant care have garnered widespread support in healthcare circles. Research finds that patients receiving care from clinicians who share their language and cultural background tend to experience improved health outcomes – yet another advantage of including international nurses in your workforce! 

3. Gain Unique Global Perspectives 

With so much change unfolding in the healthcare sector, adjusting to each ‘new normal’ can be a challenge! International nurses bring with them a global perspective that can open the door for sharing best practices and tapping into the know-how of nursing beyond the UK.  

This collaboration and reflection can lead to more innovative and effective patient care, which can make your organisation highly adaptable – a fighting advantage in this day and age! 

4. Increased Staff Retention 

Staff retention is a thorn in the side of many healthcare employers. A 2023 RCN report revealed that between the years of 2018 and 2022, almost 43,000 people aged 21 to 50 left the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) register.  

Additionally, the number of nurses leaving the NMC register increased by 9% from 2020-21 on the previous year and by a further 3% in 2022. Royal College of Nursing Chief Executive Pat Cullen noted: “It’s deeply worrying that nurses aren’t just choosing to retire early but are quitting the NHS and the profession entirely, when they’re only a few years into their career. 

Interestingly, a recent IFS report found that non-EU nurses were 28% less likely to leave their nursing positions than UK nurses – which means the employment of international nurses works not only to bridge the workforce gap and increase the diversity of your teams, but also leads to higher retention rates! 

Find Talented International Nurses with a Specialist Nursing Job Agency 

Now that we’ve covered a sample of the many advantages that international nurses can bring to your healthcare organisation, the question arises – how should you go about harnessing this potential? 

This is where you might consider getting in contact with a nursing job agency. Here at WESolutions, we specialise in connecting healthcare institutions in the UK with the best and brightest international nursing talent, ensuring a seamless recruitment process. 

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