Creating a social media presence for your health organization to improve your recruitment process

Sep 03, 2020
Paul Johnson

Over the years, the narratives have changed for both small, medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and multinational organizations. And it is no longer adequate for them to do business traditionally. More so, the high rise in technology and digital engagements have contributed in no small measures to the change experienced by organizations.

Therefore, organizations need to promote their brand through a viable social media presence. Creating a sustainable social media presence is non-negotiable in today’s industry.

How to improve social media presence

Here are some essential steps through which your health organization can create an outstanding social media presence for your brand.

  1. Get on the right social media platforms

Your organization needs to sign up on the best social platforms for the health industry. Though there are lots of social media platforms around, only the relevant ones will promote your brand and present your organization in front of the right candidates.

Most of the social media share lots of things in common, but they differ from one another. For instance, your health organization needs to get a LinkedIn account with an outstanding profile detailing everything your company offers.

Interestingly, you don’t need to be on all the social media platforms. You only need to be on at least four relevant platforms for a start.

  1. Outline the right goals

Social media comes with great opportunities that can help you position your organization well in the health industry. More so, the chances of getting the best social platforms are also very high. Therefore, you must focus on selecting the right goals for your social media plan. The social media goals must be correct and SMART. That is:

  • It must be specific
  • It must be measurable
  • It must be achievable
  • It must be relevant
  • It must be time-bound

Your goal must include a workable plan that targets the right audience through these platforms to increase communication and engage your candidates.

  1. Create and post valuable content about your organization

As much as you want to stay top-of-mind of your social media audience, never be caged in crafting and posting content that revolves around your organization.

Be one of the excellent and smart organizations that use other valuable industry-related content to appeal to the emotions of their audience.

Learn not always to avail your audience the opportunity to know more about other industry-related topics through your social media channels.

You have to create other means of keeping your audience intrigued and interested in other industry-related posts that communicate value because none of your audience will want only to read content or post that is all about your organization.

Your content must be dynamic and highly interactive.

  1. Engage your audience in creative and relevant ways

Though the place of exceptional and engaging content cannot be overemphasized, it is still not sufficient to get the best candidates in your organization.

Some of the ways you can engage your audience to include:

  • Talk directly to your audience
  • Get involved in conversations with them
  • Share great, engaging, and valuable content regularly
  • Response to their messages and questions timely
  • Treat them with respect and show appreciation