Why Work with an Allied Health Specialist Recruiter

Jan 20, 2023

As the third largest clinical workforce in the NHS, Allied Health Professionals have the numbers and the skills to make a big impact.

We see first-hand the time and care you devote to your patients, and we’re seeing increased demand for AHPs across all areas, whether you’re a Paramedic, a Podiatrist, a Radiographer or a Speech and Language Therapist.

Heart-first is the norm, and that can be challenging when you need to focus on yourself for once. But haven’t you ever heard the phrase “carers need care too?

Pursuing your vocational goals and aspirations, securing your ideal work/life balance and finding purpose in your work is all essential if you want to maintain a long and productive career in Allied Health.

And what better way to take the next step in your career than with a friend and ally onside? In this blog, we talk through the benefits of working with an Allied Health specialist recruiter ­- someone to have your back and help you in the same way you help so many others.

Impart Sector Knowledge

Working within Allied Health is no “one size fits all”. Yes, there will be some general healthcare insights that will crossover, but what you really need is someone who understands your specific role ­ the challenges you face, the relationships you manage and the various progression pathways available within your field.

When armed with sector knowledge, your Allied Health recruiter can support you with everything from helping prepare your job application to interview advice. They can also guide you towards Allied Health jobs that best suit your skills and experience. They might even be able to offer insight that sets your career on a trajectory you hadn’t yet imagined.

Assess Your Best Culture Fit

Job security and longevity are often priorities for both employees and employers ­ particularly during times of economic hardship. So, what’s the secret to matching job seekers with healthcare providers effectively?

When you work with a good Allied Health recruitment specialist, they will take the time to get to know you ­- your ambitions, what you like and don’t like about your job and any needs you have outside the workplace.

By applying a similar approach when getting to know healthcare employers, Allied Health recruiters can act as matchmakers and find you a like-minded team or environment in which you’ll thrive.

Give You Access to a Wide Range of Roles

As the healthcare sector’s challenges continue to mount, the demand for Allied Health workers grows. Working with an Allied Health recruitment specialist puts you in line to meet this demand. You’ll gain access to an exciting range of roles and can cherry-pick positions according to your field and preferences. Plus, there’s the added assurance that the offer comes from a reliable and trusted source.

An AHP recruitment specialist will also cast their net on your behalf, reaching opportunities beyond your search capabilities. Their trusted relationships with private and public healthcare providers across the UK means they may also have access to roles that haven’t even been publicly posted yet.

Act As Your Trusted Advocate

Not everyone shines during an interview process . It’s stressful, there’s a lot of pressure to perform and it’s hard to be yourself. So, wouldn’t it be great to have someone on your side who knows you and can recommend you to a future employer?

An Allied Health recruitment partner can be just that. Someone in your corner who is armed with all the information to fight for a job on your behalf. That’s not to say you don’t have to get stuck in as well, but a recommendation is sometimes worth its weight in gold.

This doesn’t just cover the interview process either. Your Allied Health recruitment specialist can also help negotiate the starting salary and benefits on your behalf.

Navigate the Paper Trail

If you’re an international worker looking to secure an Allied Health job in the UK, wading through information about the HCPC registration process is not for the faint-hearted. Nor is keeping abreast of legislation changes.

Your Allied Health recruitment specialist should have thorough and up-to-date knowledge of these processes ­ after all, they work in this environment every day.

Here at WESolutions, we’ve even developed a handy Guide to the Allied Health HCPC Process that breaks down everything you need to know. It includes important links that will help you determine your eligibility ahead of the application process and details about costs and turnaround timeframes.


All Allied Health careers are unique, so it stands to reason that every placement is handled with care and the attention to detail it deserves. At WESolutions, we put you and your career first. Every time!

Founded by a team of healthcare professionals, we’ve worked with AHPs, NHS Trusts, private hospitals and care homes since 2013. You could say we know a thing or two about the sector, what makes it tick and the many great people that work within it.

If you’re looking to take the next step in your career or join the UK’s AHP workforce, we’ve got what it takes to help you make that happen.

Contact the WESolutions team today – let’s get the ball rolling!