Bridge The Gap With Our Premier Allied Health Professionals’ Recruitment Services!

Embark on a journey to recruit exceptional Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) from across the globe with WESolutions, partnering with a seasoned recruitment agency is essential. At WESolutions, we specialize in sourcing highly skilled AHP professionals for UK healthcare providers, we bring unmatched expertise and a proven track record to every placement since our inception in 2011.

Why WESolutions Is the Preferred Partner for AHP Recruitments?

Worldwide Network and Resources

WESolutions leverages global connections to quickly match your vacancies with top-notch AHPs. Our candidates are HCPC registered, and we assist them through the registration process. By harnessing our extensive professional network, we efficiently fill your vacancies with highly qualified candidates, delivering tailored recruitment solutions to meet your specific needs.

Comprehensive Support System

Our dedicated after-care initiatives offer ongoing assistance to AHPs upon arrival in the UK. We prioritize communication and build enduring relationships, leading to higher job satisfaction and retention rates. This commitment reduces recruitment costs and ensures a reliable workforce.

Simplified Onboarding

At WESolutions, we ensure a seamless relocation for AHPs by handling travel, visa facilitation, and interview preparation. We assist with sourcing accommodations and offer personalized pick-up and drop-off services, along with a local area guide. Our welcome packs include essential items, helping recruits settle in comfortably which promotes high motivation.

Tailored Solutions to Optimize Your Budgets

We understand the importance of optimizing time and financial resources in recruitment. Our expert team advises on cutting-edge practices and technologies to streamline operations and conserve resources. With a flexible approach tailored to your budget, we offer a range of services to meet your unique needs. Whether you need comprehensive solutions or targeted services, we deliver maximum value and efficiency throughout your recruitment journey.

Immigration Advisory: Ensuring Effortless Immigration for Your Professionals!

With extensive experience in visas and immigration law, WESolutions boasts a flawless 100% success rate. Our expert team provides comprehensive support throughout the entire visa process, including dependent visas and family settlement in the UK. We also offer guidance on Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) applications, ensuring your employees secure long-term residency. Trust WESolutions for unmatched guidance and support, ensuring a smooth relocation for your candidates.

Interested in recruiting AHPs from abroad but unsure where to start?

If you lack a sponsorship license or are new to the process, don’t worry! Our affiliated services specialize in securing licenses and guiding you through every step. Partner with WESolutions, an esteemed international nursing recruitment agency, to find top-tier candidates from the start. Contact us today to discuss your needs and ensure a seamless recruitment process!


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