Adult nurse needed

Feb 22, 2017
  • UK

We are seeking for adult nurse for a full-time position for one of our client. You will work in hospitals, nursing homes, health centers, and clinics. You could work in accident and emergency, cardiac rehabilitation, outpatients, neonatal nursing or an operating theatre.

Skills required

• Excellent organizational and time management skills
• Good practical skills
• The ability to inspire confidence and trust in people
• The ability to remain calm under pressure
• Good teamwork skills and the ability to work on your own initiative
• Excellent listening and communication skills

Duties and Responsibility

Your day-to-day duties could include:
• Taking temperatures, blood pressures and pulse rates
• Helping doctors with physical examinations
• Giving drugs and injections
• Cleaning and dressing wounds
• Setting up drips and blood transfusions
• Using medical equipment
• Checking patients’ progress
• Working with doctors to decide what care to give
• Advising patients and their relatives
• Handling confidential information

With experience, you could become, ward manager or team leader.

You could train as a midwife, neonatal nurse, health visitor, district or practice nurse. You could move into management, as a matron or director of nursing.

With a master’s, you could become an advanced nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist then a nurse consultant.

You could also become self-employed or work overseas.

If you are interested for the role, drop your most recent CV on or directly contact us on+44 3300109970.

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