How your Health Organization can save money on Recruitment through Technology

Dec 20, 2018
Paul Johnson

The future of work is technology. And every sector has in one way or the other improve their field of endeavor as a result of technology. Moreover, a large field such as the health has witnessed so many groundbreaking innovations and cutting-edge discoveries through technology.

As a health organization that employs workers, whether, in their tens or hundreds, you have to streamline your recruitment process appropriately for it to be cost-effective and swift. Hence, you must incorporate technology into your recruitment process to achieve your goals promptly.

Remember, the more time you invest in recruitment, the more the money you invest in the recruitment process. Except if the funds are spent on simplifying the processes of hiring, you have to re-strategize and plan how to save time, energy, and money through technology. Technology will not only help your organization save money on recruitment but also speed up the process and open doors to only qualified applicants.

Three Sure Ways Technology will save you Time and Money

Recruitment technology is not a complicated software or expensive applications for tech companies. Technologies such as Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Digital templates, and social media are all affordable and easy-to-interact with.  Here are some ways technology will help you save time and money:

  1. More strategic plan and execution

Technology will enable you to build a strategic plan for your recruitment process. Since the whole process requires an effective management plan, your organization needs a strategic plan to work on. With technology tools such as Analytics, you can effectively measure the performance of your strategies in your recruitment process. Analytics help you answer some crucial questions, such as:

  • How many candidates apply for your job position?
  • What stage are your applicants in the recruitment process?
  • How long will it take to recruit a particular candidate from beginning to end?
  • What are the geographical locations of your candidates?

With Analytics, it is easy for you to track and measure the results of each stage of the recruitment process without wasting time and money.

  1. Increased Productivity

The higher your productivity, the greater the economic growth of your health organization. When you use relevant technology to automate the recruitment process, you will be able to cut down much time in sharing information on social platforms, sending emails, and data compilation and organization.

Technology will free your HR department from tasks that require repetition and manual organizing. For instance, with ATS, resumes / CV will be imported automatically to the software, and it enables you to sort candidates with ease.

  1. Higher chances of recruiting the best candidate

With recruitment technology, the chances of recruiting only qualified candidates are higher. And this you will achieve without going through the stress of sifting through the applications one after the other. Application tracking system comes with a resume parsing that extracts information of candidates and compares their qualifications to discard the unfit.

More so, technology tools such as social media, email systems, a job board, enhances communication. And you can get to easily communicate with the applicants and schedule interviews with them without face-to-face appointments.